Rotarians hear presentation on lung cancer awareness

November is Lung Caner Awareness Month and the Mount Pleasant Rotary Club hosted Nayyar T. Syed, M.D., of Texas Oncology at their regular Tuesday meeting on Nov.


Syed specializes in medical oncology and hematology.

He is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Society of Hematology and the American Medical Association.

At Texas Oncology, amazing things happen each day. New treatments and breakthroughs are discovered and victories are celebrated as patients recover. Texas Oncology currently has 420 physicians and 175 locations, including Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon and Winnsboro.

Texas Oncology has played a role in more than 70 FDA-approved cancer-fighting drugs.

Texas ranks third in the nation for new cancer cases. It is estimated that 44,253 Texans will die from cancer in 2017.

“Smoking is a big problem,” said Syed. “People who smoke are 25 times more likely to develop lung cancer.”

155,870 deaths have been attributed to lung cancer in 2017.

Syed urged Rotarians to prevent cancer and to be aware of signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

“Eat well, sleep well and exercise,” he said. “Don’t smoke and don’t drink heavily.”

People with lung cancer may experience the following symptoms:

• A dull or sharp pain in the chest or ribs

• A chronic and/or severe cough. The cough may be dry or with phlegm or blood.

• Frequent respiratory infections are common, as well as shortness of breath or wheezing.

• Chest discomfort, hoarseness, swollen lymph nodes, or weight loss are common symptoms.

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